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A parents guide to paying for college without going broke.
The college admissions and financial aid process is NOT user friendly!

ATTENTION PARENTS WITH COLLEGE-BOUND STUDENTS!!! We help families send their students to the college of their choice for less than they ever imagined! We will provide you with expert advice, assist you with all the paperwork, and negotiate for the best possible financial aid package! Don't overpay for college! We would like to introduce you to us. For the past 36 years, we’ve been helping families send their kids to the best schools for less than they ever imagined, and we can do the same for you! If you have a student who is already in college or one who will be starting in the fall, and you have an unappealing financial aid award letter, it can be appealed, and if your son or daughter has multiple offers from several colleges, they can be negotiated! . As a PTA member, we are making this limited time special offer. At no cost to you, we will review any and all financial aid award letters, both the FAFSA and CSS forms and make various recommendations that can most likely increase your aid. Please give us the opportunity to help you as we’ve helped 1,000’s of other families over the years.

  • Your child has good grades.
  • Your child has good grades and lots of community service hours.
  • You qualify for financial aid.
  • You qualify for financial aid after working with Pay Less for College


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Financial Structuring Consultant
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Academic Coach – Financial Aid Expert


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